PCM’s Upcoming Evolution: IPAM and the Project Accountability Policy

Following the formal Review of the 2014 Rules of Procedure (i.e., the current policy governing PCM’s activities), PCM is pleased to announce its new ‘2019 Project Accountability Policy’ and ‘Guidance on Case Handling under the EBRD Project Accountability Policy,’ which will come into effect in 2020.

The Project Accountability Policy describes the structure and procedures through which the new Independent Project Accountability Mechanism (IPAM) will:

  • review environmental, social and transparency-related concerns regarding EBRD Projects; 
  • facilitate the resolution of issues among Project stakeholders;
  • determine whether the Bank has complied with its Environmental and Social Policy and Access to Information Policy (and where applicable, address any existing non-compliance with these policies, while preventing future non-compliance by the Bank); and
  • promote institutional learning.

The Policy was developed over a 17-month period through extensive internal and external consultation, culminating with a 45-day public consultation period on the draft Policy and in-person consultation events in eight countries.

An overview of the new Policy will be provided at its official launch at the EBRD 2019 Annual Meeting in Sarajevo on  May.