Bishkek Solid Waste - Corporate Development Programme

Procurement ref:



Kyrgyz Republic

Business sector:

Municipal and environmental infrastructure

Funding source:

Bishkek Solid Waste - Corporate Development Programme

Contract type:

Consultancy Services

Notice type:

Invitation for expressions of interest (CSU)

Issue date:

17 Apr 2015

Closing date:

18 May 2015   at  15:00   Bishkek

Executing Agency (Client):
Bishkek City Administration
The City of Bishkek
166 Chui Avenuet
720001, Bishkek
Kyrgyz Republic
The Procurement Notice is modified on 12 May 2015 as follows: the Procurement Reference shall now read 47882.
Assignment Description:
The City of Bishkek is interested to cooperate with the EBRD to improve its municipal solid waste (MSW) management system. The proposed Project will comprise a combination of loan and grant to support priority investments in the waste management segment – primarily in waste collection and disposal.
The current system suffers from underinvestment in both infrastructure and vehicles and lacks any formal recycling functions. Although the current system is functioning and the waste is collected and transported from the City to the municipal disposal site, part of the vehicle fleet is old and suffers from frequent breakdowns. In addition, the disposal site needs rehabilitation and a new sanitary landfill will be built.
Bishkek has a population of 1.1 million. The City’s outskirts are dominated by newly built settlements whose actual population is difficult to estimate. Although these settlements have a poor record of paying for waste collection services, significant amounts are collected and transported to the municipal dumpsite by the municipal waste management company (Tazalyk). The lack of data on population, waste generation and difficulties with collecting waste management fees are a burden on the City that urgently needs to be resolved.
The Project concept as defined by the Bank’s external consultant consists of an investment for the stepwise re-cultivation of the existing dumpsite in parallel with the construction of a new sanitary landfill on the adjacent area. A combined material recovery and mechanical-biological treatment facility will be built at the entrance area of the new landfill site to formalize recyclables’ recovery and minimize the amount of waste that goes to final disposal. It is also envisaged to extend containerized collection of MSW to private housing areas and replace the old tipping trucks with new waste collection vehicles. An improvement of the efficiency of waste collection through various measures and a pilot project on separate collection of recyclables at educational institutions are also planned. Waste collection and disposal services will be separated: collection will remain with Tazalyk and disposal (landfill operation and related activities) with a new special purpose vehicle (“Bishkek Sanitary Landfill” or “BSL”).
This assignment will benefit both the BSL and Tazalyk (together, the Companies), as well as the City. Support to the Companies will be through the development of a financial and operational performance improvement programme. Support to the City will enhance budgetary, regulatory and control and supervisory capacity. The Stakeholder Participation component will benefit both the Companies and the City.
The assignment consists of three main parts: (i)  Corporate Development Programme for the Companies : the Consultant shall assist in the establishment of the Landfill operator ensuring sound commercial, practices, service and environmental performance. The Consultant shall also support Tazalyk to improve financial and environmental performance as well as service levels. Assistance would include corporate, financial and operational measures at the Companies required to meet the related covenants included in the EBRD finance documents. This will be achieved via the development and implementation of a Financial and Operational Performance Improvement Programme (FOPIP). The Consultant shall also assist the Companies to develop a medium-term focused corporate development plan and to establish its corporate planning capacity to assist their development towards self-sustaining entities with commercial operations; (ii) City Support Programme for the City of Bishkek: the Consultant shall assist the City to implement the Project Support Agreement, which will be a key component of the financial structure for the proposed Project. A related aim of the City Support Programme is to raise institutional capacity within Bishkek City to assist them in managing the Project in an effective manner as well as to raise their financial planning capacity and thereby improve their creditworthiness as well as their environmental monitoring capacity. The Consultant shall also assist the City in implementing measures to improve the regulatory and institutional setup in solid waste management as described in the Feasibility study; and (iii) Stakeholder Participation Programme (SPP): the SPP is aimed at enhancing public ownership and awareness of solid waste management, increasing public participation in the provision of solid waste services and raising public awareness on issues related to the project implementation. Furthermore, the SPP will integrate poverty and social issues into the proposed tariff reforms and thereby assist the Companies to improve their corporate governance. SPP implementation will also include assistance to the Companies in finalisation and implementation of the Stakeholder Engagement Plans (SEPs) developed during the Feasibility Study phase.
Status of Selection Process: Interested firms or group of firms are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest.
Assignment Start Date and Duration: The Assignment is expected to start in  autumn of 2015 and has an estimated overall duration of 30 months.
Maximum Budget available for the Assignment: EUR 600,000 (exclusive of VAT).
The Consultant must determine whether any indirect taxes/VAT are chargeable on the proposed services and state the basis for such. If any indirect taxes/VAT are payable, the Client will have to pay indirect taxes/VAT element to the services directly to the Consultant unless otherwise agreed.
Funding Source: It is expected that the assignment will be funded through the EBRD's donor funded Technical Cooperation Funds Programme. Please note selection and contracting will be subject to the availability of funding from an appropriate donor.
Eligibility: There is no eligibility restriction.
Consultant Profile: Corporate services are required. The Consultant will be a firm or a group of firms with experience in operations of a landfill and in the solid waste sector in comparable climatic and geological conditions.. In particular, the Companies and the City would need support from technical and operational experts, financial/audit experts, environmental experts and communication/SPP experts.
The Consultant team would likely comprise the following expertise and some individuals may fulfil more than one role:
  1. Project Manager
  2. Solid Waste Management Operations Expert;
  3. Solid Waste Management Institutional and Regulatory Expert
  4. Finance Expert;
  5. Environmental and Social Specialist
  6. Solid Waste Management Regulation and Enforcement Expert;
  7. Legal Expert;
  8. SPP and Communication Expert;
  9. Local Project Manager/Team Leader;
  10. Local Experts within all the above listed areas.
For the role of Project Manager working knowledge of Kyrgyz or Russian language is required.
All key expert should preferably have 5 years of experience from assignment similar to those for  which they are proposed.
Submission Requirements: In order to determine the capability and experience of Consultants to be shortlisted, the information submitted should include the following:
(a) brief overview of the firm/group of firms including company profile, organisation and staffing;
(b) details of similar experience of firm or group of firms and related assignments undertaken in the previous five years, including information on contract value, contracting entity/client, project location/country, duration (mm/yy to mm/yy), expert months provided, assignment budget, percentage carried out by consultant in case of association of firms or subcontracting, main activities, objectives;
(c) CVs of key experts who could carry out the Assignment detailing qualifications, experience in similar assignments, particularly assignments undertaken in the previous five years, including information on contracting entity/client, project location/country, duration (mm/yy to mm/yy), expert months provided, assignment budget, main activities, objectives.
(d) Completed Consultant Declaration and Contact Sheet, the template for which is available from the following web-link:
The expression of interest shall not exceed 25 pages (excluding CVs and Consultant Declaration and Contact Sheet).
The expression of interest, in English and Russian, shall be submitted to the Client electronically by email to reach Client not later than 18 May 2015 at 15:00 local Kyrgyz time. The EOIs should also be submitted by email to the EBRD’s contact person by the same due date.
The Client Contact Person:
Mrs.Almira Ginyatullina
PIU Bishkek Solid Waste project
166 Chui Avenue
720001, Bishkek
Kyrgyz Republic
Phone: +996 312 623989
The EBRD Contact Person:
Elena Kolodiy
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
One Exchange Square
London EC2A 2JN
Tel: + 44 20 7338 6765
Fax: +44 20 7338 7451
Important Notes:
1 Following this invitation for expressions of interest, a shortlist of qualified firms will be formally invited to submit proposals. Consultant selection and contracting will be subject to availability of funding from an appropriate donor.
2. The expressions of interest will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • Consultant’s experience in operations of a landfill and in the solid waste sector - 50%
  • Consultant’s experience in comparable climatic and geological conditions – 20%
  • Profile of the consultant’s key experts as requested in Consultant Profile – 30%