Yerevan Solid Waste Project

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Municipal and environmental infrastructure

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Project goods, works and services

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Invitation for tenders

Issue date:

30 Oct 2018

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30 Apr 2019   at  16:00   Local time


This is an update of the original notice published on 30.10.2018. Please note the extended deadline for submission of tenders.

Design & construction of new landfill, closure of existing old dumpsites and operation of existing and new sites

This Invitation for Tenders follows the General Procurement Notice for this project which was published in EBRD website, Business Opportunities ( on 18 January 2018.

Republic of Armenia has received a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB), a grant from the European Union Neighbourhood Investment Facility (EU NIF) and a grant from the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P) towards the cost of the Yerevan Solid Waste Project. Furthermore, Yerevan Municipality will secure the needed funds for the operation of the new landfill.

The Employer for the proposed contract is “Yerevan New Urban Landfill” CJSC.

The Employer now invites sealed tenders from contractors for the following contract:

  • Design & construction of new landfill, closure of existing old dumpsites and operation of existing and new sites including the following components:
  1. Design & construction of new landfill, closure of existing old dumpsites:
  • Nubarashen existing dumpsite closure
  • Ajapnyak existing dumpsite closure
  • Nubarashen new landfill design and construction (Cell 1, Cell 2 and related infrastructure)

     2. Landfill Operation  including:

  • Operation of existing Nubarashen dumpsite during the construction of Cell 1 at new Nubarashen landfill
  • Operation of the new Nubarashen landfill once constructed for a period of 5 (five) years with possible extension of further 5 (five) years subject to Contractor’s performance and mutual agreement of the Parties.
  • Post-closure monitoring and management of closed Nubarashen and Ajapnyak dumpsites

Construction of new landfill and closure of existing dumpsites shall be carried out in accordance with the European Council Directive 1999/31 of 26 April 1999.

The Tenderers should pass the minimum of qualifying criteria:

  • Minimum average annual turnover of Euro 20,000,000  (Twenty million) equivalent calculated as total certified payments received for contracts in progress or completed, within the last 5 (five) years.
  • Access to, or availability of financial resources such as liquid assets, unencumbered real assets, lines of credit, or other financial resources, taking into account the tenderer’s commitments in other contracts(other than any contractual advance payments)to meet the Tenderer’s financial resources requirement not less than Euro 5,000,000(five million).
  • The Tenderer should have a consistent history of litigation and/or arbitration, if any, shall be treated as resolved against the Tenderer, or any partner in a JVCA, within the last 5 (five) years. All pending litigation shall in total not represent more than 10% (ten percent) of the Tenderer’s net worth.
  • Participation as contractor, management contractor, or subcontractor, in at least 5 (five) contracts within the last 10 (ten) years, with a total value of at least Euro 13,000,000 (thirteen million) that has been successfully or is substantially completed and that is similar in nature and complexity to the proposed works. At least one of those contracts shall be Design Build. Closure of solid waste and hazardous waste landfills in accordance with the EU requirements will be accepted as similar works.
  • As part of the above 5 contracts, the following specific experience is required:
  1. at least one contract completed on a Design-Build basis;
  2. design and construction of a new landfill of at least 8 (eight) ha area constructed according to European Council Directive 1999/31 of 26 April 1999 on the landfill of waste or in similar works by size, nature of works, complexity and methods with installation of landfill base and top sealing using a HDPE membrane for at least 8 (eight) ha;
  3. closure of dumpsite of at least 15 (fifteen) ha or similar contract involving at least 15 (fifteen) ha impermeable area
  4. at least 4 (four) years of experience in operation of a landfill operated according to European Council Directive 1999/31 of 26 April 1999
  • Participation of joint venture, consortia and associations (JVCA) is allowed.
    • One partner shall meet at least 60% of the requirements for the average annual turnover and financial resources;
    • JVCA members collectively must satisfy all the qualification criteria.
  • The Tenderer shall provide suitably qualified personnel to fill the following key positions. For each position the Tenderer will supply information on a first choice candidate and an alternate, each of whom should meet the experience requirements:

(Position – General Experience, years – Specific Experience, years)

  • Project Manager – 15 – 5
  • Construction/Site Manager – 15 – 5
  • Mechanical Engineer – 15 – 5
  • Electrical Engineer – 15 – 5
  • Welder (minimum 3 persons), holding an EU certificate of thermoplastic welder according to EN 13067 and Doc. EWF 581:01, Directive P-101 for group 7-PE (insulation strip welder, PE group of materials) or equivalent – 10 – 5

For the operation purposes the Tenderer shall provide the following key positions.

(Position – General Experience, years – Specific Experience, years)

  • Operation Manager – 15 – 7
  • Environmental Engineer 10 – 5
  • Foreman (4 persons) – 10 – 5

The Tenderer should mention the relationship with the proposed candidates in the Personnel’s CVs. In case if the proposed candidate is not an employee of the Tenderer, then the Tenderer should provide signed commitment letter by the proposed candidate along with CV.

  • Tenderers shall specify construction machinery and equipment the Tenderer is intending to use for carrying out the Works.

Tendering for contracts to be financed with the proceeds of EBRD and EU loans and EU NIF and E5P grants is open to firms from all countries. The proceeds of the EBRD and EIB loans and EU NIF and E5P grants will not be used for the purpose of any payment to persons or entities, or for any import of goods, if such payment or import is prohibited by a decision of the United Nations Security Council taken under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations. 

The applicable procurement rules are the EBRD Procurement Policies and Rules (PP&R, Rev. October 2014) which can be located at:

To receive the Tender documents in English at no cost, tenderers should write to the address below requesting the Tender documents for ICB/DBO /001: Design & construction of new landfill, closure of existing old dumpsites and operation of existing and new sites.

A two stage tender procedure will be adopted and will proceed as follows:

  1. the First Stage tender will consist of a technical proposal only, without any reference to prices, and a list of any deviations to the technical and commercial conditions set forth in the tender documents or any alternative technical solutions a tenderer wishes to offer, and a justification therefor, provided always that such deviations or alternative solutions do not change the basic objectives of the project.  Following evaluation by the Employer of the First Stage tenders, the Employer will invite each tenderer who meets the qualification criteria and who has submitted a technically responsive tender to a clarification meeting.  The proposals of all such tenderers will be reviewed at the meeting and all required amendments, additions, deletions and other adjustments will be noted and recorded in a Memorandum.  Only qualified tenderers submitting a technically responsive and acceptable First Stage tender will be invited to submit a Second Stage tender.
  2. the Second Stage tender will consist of an updated technical tender incorporating all changes required by the Employer as recorded in the Memorandum to the clarification meeting or as necessary to reflect any amendments to the tender documents issued subsequent to submission of the First Stage tender; and the commercial tender.

First Stage tenders must be delivered to the address below on or before 16:00, 30 April 2019, at which time they will be opened in the presence of the tenderers’ representatives who wish to attend.

All Second Stage tenders must be accompanied by a Tender Security of Euro 600,000 (six hundred thousand), and must be delivered to the address below on or before the time and date of the submission deadline specified in the Letter of Invitation to submit Second Stage tenders, at which time they will be opened in the presence of the tenderers’ representatives who wish to attend.

Prospective tenderers may obtain further information from, and inspect and acquire the tender documents at, the following office:

Contact Name: Mr. Arman Petrosyan, Procurement Specialist

Purchasing entity: Investing Projects Implementation Unit Building up of Yerevan

Address: Yerevan, 1/3 Buzand Street, Floor/Room number: 5th Floor, Room 511 (Procurement office)

Telephone: +374 10 52 09 73

Electronic mail: