Green Economy Transition (GET) - EBRD Register

Procurement ref:

Green Economy Transition (GET) - EBRD Register



Business sector:

Sustainable Resources and Climate Change

Project number:

TCRS 7072

Funding source:

EBRD Technical Cooperation Funds Programme

Contract type:

Consultancy Services

Notice type:

Invitation for expressions of interest (CSU)

Issue date:

06 Jan 2017

Closing date:

01 Jun 2019   at  16:40  

Assignment Background / Description: By providing this new Green Economy Transition (GET) Project Preparation and Implementation Framework (hereafter called “the Programme”), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD or the Bank) will be able to help its clients identify and realise energy and resource efficiency, climate change adaptation and environmental protection opportunities in their own operations as well as provide targeted training and assist in better prioritising and implementing the associated investments. 

The Programme will cover EBRD technical support in public and corporate sector including large-scale industrial energy efficiency, sustainable energy financing facilities, buildings and municipal infrastructure energy efficiency, renewable energy, power sector energy efficiency, environmental protection and climate change adaptation.

The overall objective is to assist both the Bank and its clients in the preparation and implementation of the most appropriate investment programmes that will strengthen energy security with the highest possible resource efficiency and reduced environmental impacts.

The Bank wishes to establish a register of competent and qualified consultants (GET Register) that can be called upon when services for specific projects/assignments are required.  The register will be non-exclusive.

Services Required: The main aims of the Programme are to raise the priority of GET projects and ensure that viable projects are incorporated into the clients’ long-term investment plans.  Assignments conducted under the Programme will include but not be limited to the following tasks:

  • Work with the technical staff of the client companies to identify energy and resource efficiency, climate change adaptation, environmental pollution mitigation, reduction and remediation and sustainable and renewable energy production investments;
  • Assess the feasibility of the potential investments and  assist the Bank in reviewing/developing bankable investment programmes;
  • Energy Performance Certification or Sustainability Certification for selected projects and in countries where certification schemes are introduced;
  • Capacity building and training of clients’ professional staff;
  • Promotion and awareness raising public activities (seminars, workshop, information campaigns, etc.);
  • Support clients in preparing the procurement of the required services during the implementation stage. 
  • Support the clients in strengthening their corporate governance by developing sustainability and CSR reports.
  • Support the Bank in assessing technical and economic potential of sustainable energy generation and resource optimisation solutions across different sectors such as Power and Energy, Natural Resources, Transport, Agribusiness, Property & Tourism and Manufacturing and Services.

Consultant Profile: Both corporate services and individual experts are eligible to apply for inclusion in the EBRD GET Register.

Interested firms / experts will have wide knowledge of equipment and production processes that enhance the energy and resource efficiency of industrial facilities, power sector and the other sectors as specified in the additional forms.

The firms should ideally have experience of working in the EBRD region, or at least demonstrate that they can leverage on a network of strong local partners in these countries.

Additional areas of expertise are specified in the attached forms and include technical and environmental assessments and due diligence (including in regards to climate change adaptation), market studies, project implementation support/supervision and MRV.

Individual experts will have a proven experience (preferably 10 years) in the specific subsectors of the assignment, general industry, agribusiness and natural resource projects and horizontal technologies as Process Integration, Industrial Cogeneration, Process Heat Recovery), with experience in the Bank's region and preferably familiar with the project appraisal approach the Bank uses.

Assignment Duration: The overall budget for the Programme is expected to cover indicatively the costs of around 85 activities during the five-year period. Majority of assignments under the Programme are estimated to be under EUR 75,000.

Maximum Budget:  The total budget of the Programme is EUR 5,000,000. 

The GET Register will be non-exclusive.

EBRD will contact registered firms/experts (or other consultants, if appropriate) if and when suitable consulting opportunities arise.  Selection of consultants for each assignment under the Programme will follow the Bank’s standard procedures and be governed by the EBRD’s Procurement Policy and Rules (PP&R).  Link to PP&R:

For assignments with total estimated cost of less than EUR 75,000 (or equivalent) direct selection of any consultant will be permitted.

For all contracts with total estimated cost in excess of EUR 75,000.00, competitive selection processes will be conducted in accordance with the Bank’s procedures.  

For any assignment, the Bank reserves the right to draw a shortlist (as it considers appropriate taking into account project needs) including experts from the GET Register, other consultants or publish a procurement notice with a formal invitation for expressions of interest.  

Funding Source: EBRD Technical Cooperation Funds Programme.

Eligibility: There are no eligibility restrictions

Submission Requirements: Firms and individual experts are hereby invited to submit expressions of interest (EOIs).  All applicants must submit the following documents:

- Consultant Information Sheet;

- Company profile outlining key areas of expertise (individual experts should provide a fully-updated CV); and

- Confirmation of sector/area of expertise and project references

The above documentation should not exceed 15 pages in total. Link to templates:

Failure to meet the above submission requirements, in part or in full, is likely to result in the automatic rejection of the application.

Expressions of interest should be submitted, in English, by e-mail to the following email address:

There is no deadline for the submission of expressions of interest. Please note that the EBRD is no obligation to accept or contract firms/experts following this process. All expressions of interest will be reviewed and consultants selected for inclusion in the register will be advised by email.

1. The EBRD reserves the right to modify or withdraw the registration system described above for any reason and without prior notice.

2. Submission of an Expression of Interest does not guarantee selection for any assignments under the Programme.

3.  It is consultant's responsibility to ensure that their contact details are correct.