EBRD Donors

Donor funding instruments

Our donors contribute funding through both technical cooperation and co-investment grants.

Technical cooperation grants typically involve technical expertise to help design or implement an investment project. They can also support authorities or partners with policy or legal reform, or build client capacity and know-how. In addition, technical cooperation grants fund research. The EBRD also uses grants to make projects more affordable, reduce risks and provide incentives for clients to invest. Grants include:

  • capital grants that reduce the capital costs of a project. These are most common in the low carbon, energy efficiency and municipal infrastructure sectors.
  • incentives that, based on agreed terms, encourage financial institutions and sub-borrowers to invest in a particular area. Such incentives are common in Green Economy Financing Facilities.
  • risk-sharing and guarantee facilities to expand investment outreach in countries or sectors where poor market conditions make financing difficult for borrowers. These facilities include for example, first-loss cover for the EBRD’s Women in Business programmes.
  • concessional finance for clients blended with EBRD loans. These products include extended tenors, grace periods and below-market interest rates. These are funded predominantly from global climate funds to support the transition to a green economy.
  • co-lending and equity investments that help the Bank make larger and more beneficial offers to clients as well as undertake deeper capital exposure with clients.

Donor funding brings water to communities.

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