Food Security

How the EBRD boosts food security

The EBRD plays a major role in promoting food security because food production is mainly a private sector activity and tapping the potential of private business is one of our notable strengths.
With over €11 billion invested in agribusiness, the EBRD is already the region’s largest provider of finance to the sector in the region where we operate.
We invest in the whole food value-chain, from farming and processing to logistics and retail. Improving infrastructure and trade links is especially vital for targeting investment bottlenecks.
This approach is also reflected in the EBRD’s Private Sector for Food Security Initiative, launched in 2011.

Under the Initiative, the EBRD provides technical assistance to support stable and transparent policy frameworks and thus to enable private sector investments in food security. Greater public and private coordination through policy dialogue increases food market transparency and policy predictability to boost food production.