Small businesses (SMEs)

Donor support for small businesses

Donor support is a vital part of the EBRD’s work. Donor funding and engagement allow us to provide advice alongside finance to ensure sustainable impact, and to reduce the risk of SME financing.

Under the Small Business Initiative, we are taking this partnership further, aiming to create a network of like-minded donors working together with the Bank to set strategic priorities and achieve demonstrable results.

We believe this strategic dialogue with donors will bring about a larger and more flexible pool of resources to invest in small businesses and product innovation that can maximise impact.

For every €1 contributed by donors to our small business activities, the EBRD invests €13 using its own capital resources, while supported clients contribute another 10 cents. This turns the original €1 into more than €14 of funding from which to generate impact.

Further, thanks to the engagement of our partner financial institutions, this results in more than €162 made available to finance small businesses.

The Small Business Impact Fund

The new Small Business Impact Fund serves as our primary vehicle for bringing together donor funds to support small businesses. It is centred on three priorities: country-focused support for SMEs, aligned with the goals and strategies of partner countries; sustainability, through recurrent income streams that enable us to help more businesses; and impact, with strong monitoring and reporting standards aligned to results-based management.