What we do in Agribusiness

Factory floor

The EBRD aims to maximize the region’s agricultural potential by addressing specific needs of companies through tailored financing. Our involvement in the agribusiness sector spans all activities throughout the value chain; from farming processing and trading to food distribution, packaging and retail.

Once referred to as the ‘bread basket of Europe’, our region accounts for around 20 per cent of the world’s potential arable land. With €10 billion invested in the agribusiness sector since 1991, the EBRD’s main focus is to help the region move further towards fulfilling its potential as the world’s “bread basket”.

The EBRD offers various forms of financing, including tailored long-term loans, working capital loans, commodity finance, equity, guarantees and multi-project facilities. Each is individually designed to meet the changing needs of agribusiness companies across the region.

In addition to investments, the EBRD also supports advisory services for agribusiness companies with the aim of scaling up private sector participation and making food production more efficient and more sustainable.

By fostering strong links with the private sector, governments and other development partners, the EBRD aims to enhance agribusiness value chains and promote transition across the region.