Strengthening the business environment

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The EBRD creates opportunities to bring the public and private sectors together to tackle key policy challenges, improve policy transparency and predictability, and thus increase investor confidence in the agribusiness sector.

Dialogue between private sector companies and policy makers is crucial to improve the investment climate in the countries where we invest and to bring about vital reforms.

To achieve this goal, the EBRD has partnered with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for the past 20 years to create public-private platforms to increase the private sector’s voice in policy-making. This includes support for regulatory reform and ensuring that public policies set the right incentives for the private sector to invest and grow.

By addressing market or regulatory barriers through public-private cooperation, the EBRD aims to improve the business environment to encourage and retain investments, thereby fostering competitive markets, growth, and job creation.

Promoting open markets in Serbia

In Serbia, the EBRD works to foster a competitive business environment and boost imports and international investment in its grain sector. For the first time in 30 years, Serbia was approved as a wheat exporter to Egypt in 2018.  The EBRD and FAO involvement contributed to the facilitation of dialogue.

The EBRD and FAO also supported the Serbian Grain Association in hosting a roundtable at Global Grain in Geneva (Europe’s biggest grain event) to highlight Serbia’s export opportunities in new markets and engagement in the sector, which launched in 2016, and included export promotion activities for grain exporters.

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Supporting Egypt's grain supply

Difficult climate conditions and the rapidly growing population mean that the domestic grain supply in Egypt simply cannot meet the demand for bread, which is a staple for most Egyptians. With EU funding, we're helping Egypt improve its food security.

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