Canada: EBRD shareholder profile

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Lake landscape in Canada

Canada is a founding member of the EBRD and an important contributor to the EBRD's work.

The Government of Canada was an important donor to the EBRD, contributing a total of €42 million since 1992. Its priorities were poverty alleviation through private sector development, environmental investments and good governance.

Canada and the EBRD: at a glance
€42mn donor funds supporting EBRD operations
3.4% capital share
€7bn Canada-EBRD investments

In recent years Canada has focused on Ukraine, and specifically in areas where the EBRD does not normally operate. Canada also participates in multi-donor initiatives such as the Early Transition Countries (ETC) Fund and the European-Western Balkans Joint Fund, as well as represents three of the four SEMED countries (Morocco, Jordan and Tunisia) and EBRD’s Board of Directors.

Canada is an important source of foreign direct investment in the EBRD’s countries of operations. The value of joint Canada-EBRD investment stood at €7 billion as of 28 February 2019. EBRD finance accounted for €4 billion of this total while Canadian investment accounted for €3 billion.

Canada-EBRD investment has been across a variety of regional projects in Mongolia and Romania. EBRD also has a significant co-operation with Canadian firms in Turkey and Ukraine. Broken down by industry, joint Canada-EBRD investment has been strong in energy, industry, commerce and agribusiness, and infrastructure.

Canadian banks are also involved in the Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP) through which the EBRD guarantees the payment of trade finance instruments issued by banks in countries where we invest to foreign confirming banks.

In 2018 Canadian consultants won 22 EBRD-awarded consultancy contracts totalling over €520,000.


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