What we do in Transport

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Transport is a key enabler of growth, providing the physical networks and services upon which the economy depends for the movement of people and goods. The EBRD provides debt and equity services to clients across every transport mode: roads, railways, maritime, aviation, logistics and postal services1.

Our vision for the region is for safe, secure, sustainable and greener transport systems, which embody market principles, balance economic, environmental and social needs, catalyse on global de-carbonisation initiatives, build on technological innovations, and are responsive to the needs of industry and the individual. 

Our priorities within the transport sector include:

Promoting market based transport. The EBRD works to improve the efficiency, market-orientation, financial sustainability and resilience of the transport sector. This includes supporting the development of the private market for transport services and increasing private sector participation in the provision of transport infrastructure by promoting concessions and Public Private Partnership (PPP) investments. 

Developing sustainable and greener transport. The EBRD is committed to supporting sustainable transport development focused on integrated, optimised and energy efficient transport networks in the region that effectively address bottlenecks and promote regional solutions. De-carbonisation and transition to greener transport solutions, climate change mitigation and adaptation, environmental protection, economic inclusion and gender equality and road safety are all important sustainable transport issues which we continue to address at the policy and project level.

Broadening activity and innovation within the sector. We are committed to expanding the boundaries of our activities in the transport sector to finance the needs of emerging sub-sectors and increase investment in high-tech solutions and innovative processes. The Bank supports green logistics and promotes innovations linked to energy efficiency, digitalisation and electrification of transport networks to boost energy and resource efficiency of the sector while reducing transport carbon footprint.

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1 Urban Transport is competence of the Municipal and Environmental Infrastructure Team.