2016 election of the EBRD President

EBRD logo at EBRD HQ in London

The EBRD's Board of Governors elected Sir Suma Chakrabarti to serve as the Bank's President for another four years on 11 May 2016, during the EBRD’s 25th Annual Meeting in London.

The Governors represent the EBRD’s 67 shareholders.

There were two candidates for the position:

The outcome of the election was decided by secret ballot.

The winning candidate had to receive the votes of at least 34 shareholders (a simple majority of the total) as well as 50 percent + 1 of shareholders’ weighted votes. 

Before the election, both candidates gave interviews to the Center for Global Development in Washington. They were both asked the same questions and given time to set out their positions in a podcast.

Please see below the mission statements of the two candidates in the EBRD’s four official languages.

Statement by Sir Suma Chakrabarti (English | French | German | Russian)

Statement by Marek Belka (English | French | German | Russian)

Sir Suma Chakrabarti CV (English | French | German | Russian)

Marek Belka CV (English | French | German | Russian)