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Special Reports

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This report draws on findings from the largest poll of its kind to assess life satisfaction, the role of corruption and the gender divide.

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A commemorative publication highlighting some key findings based on the first two rounds of the Life in Transition Survey and some preliminary results from the next round, the full results of which will be available in autumn 2016.

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The purpose of this paper is to help policy-makers and stakeholders better understand how issues around climate related policies affect national budgets. It also offers suggestions about how policy-makers and stakeholders can develop appropriate strategies.

A look back a how the EBRD has invested sustainability over the last twenty years across sectors. 

Brochures and factsheets

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This brochure details all aspects of the EBRD's Legal Transition Programme.

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This brochure includes success stories – positive, encouraging stories of local business development.

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The knowledge economy can be defined as one marked by technological dynamism, including in those sectors not always associated with cutting edge innovation, such as agribusiness or heavy industry.

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A concise overview of the scale and impact of EBRD’s financing for green investments from 2006-2015.

Technical publications

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The EBRD’s Law in Transition journal is for governments, international organisations, legal practitioners and others active in promoting commercial and financial law reform in the countries of central and eastern Europe, central Asia, the Western Balkans, and the southern and eastern Mediterranean region.
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Guidelines on sound business standards, financing and gender considerations in projects.
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Studies on issues facing our countries of operations.

Essays and Glossaries

Linear risks

This paper, co-authored by EBRD, Circle Economy, KPMG, PGGM and the WBCSD, discusses the business risks of continuing current material consumption practices.

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This publication is the result of the Born in ‘89 essay competition organised by the EBRD with our partners UniCredit and the Financial Times.

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Histories of Hope gives a sense of the colossal historic changes which have occurred across the Bank’s region of operations.

Glossary English/Russian cover

This English/Russian and Russian/English glossary was designed to facilitate communication between Russian-speaking and international business communities.


Institutional Documents

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Documentation related to the EBRD's founding, including rules and procedures and the agreement establishing the Bank.

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Information on procedures to implement the political aspects of the mandate on which the EBRD operates.
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The EBRD adopted its first Environmental Policy in 1991 at the initial meeting of its Board of Directors. The scope of the Policy has evolved over time and it is now an Environmental and Social Policy.
The Public Information Policy (PIP) sets out how the EBRD discloses information and consults with its stakeholders so as to promote better awareness and understanding of its strategies, policies and operations.

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