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To file a complaint voicing concerns about a project with EBRD support, email pcm@ebrd.com or use the online complaints form in English or  Russian

Alumni Association
To contact the EBRD Alumni Relations team, email alumniE@ebrd.com

Annual Meeting
For questions about the EBRD Annual Meeting, email AMinfo@ebrd.com

Anticorruption and Integrity
To report an allegation of fraud or corruption in EBRD-financed projects or by our staff, email compliance@ebrd.com

Civil Society
For all enquiries related to the EBRD’s outreach to civil society and NGOs, email cso@ebrd.com

Cultural Events
To enquire about an EBRD Cultural Event, email hoyt@ebrd.com

Disclosure and Transparency
To request information under the EBRD Public Information Policy, email accessinfo@ebrd.com

Economic Data and Research
To request information and data from the EBRD’s economists, email economics@ebrd.com

Employment and Internships
For questions about employment opportunities and internships at the EBRD, email TalentAcquisition@ebrd.com

Environment and Sustainability
For information about the EBRD’s environmental activities and related documents, email environmentandsocial@ebrd.com

Inclusion and Gender Equality
For inquiries about the EBRD’s policies and activities, email gender@ebrd.com

Institutional Affairs
For inquiries about the EBRD’s shareholders, founding documents and the Bank’s history, email accessinfo@ebrd.com

For all media enquiries, email press@ebrd.com

New Business and Investment
For enquiries about EBRD financing for projects and to submit business proposals, email newbusiness@ebrd.com

Procurement and Consultancy
For questions about the procurement and supply of goods and services for the EBRD’s work and projects, email: procurement@ebrd.com

To request an EBRD publication, email communications@ebrd.com and publications@ebrd.com

Small Business Support and Women in Business
For enquiries about Small Business Support and Women in Business Programme, email sbs@ebrd.com

Trade Facilitation Programme
For enquiries about our trade promotion programme, email TFPOps@ebrd.com

If you want to visit EBRD Headquarters in order to learn more about us, email requests@ebrd.com

To report any issues with our website or ask any other IT-related questions, email webmaster@ebrd.com


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