Agribusiness Advisory

Factory floor

To scale up investments and make food production more efficient and more sustainable, the EBRD offers technical and financial support to agribusiness companies by fostering strong links with the private sector, governments and other development partners in the countries where we invest.

We aim to enhance agribusiness value chains and facilitate the private sector’s full contribution to building an enabling investment climate, to promote transition across our region.

Food Security

Promoting food security has been at the forefront of the EBRD’s agenda since the global food crisis in 2008. We launched the Private Sector for Food Security Initiative in 2011 to enable the private sector’s full contribution to food security in the countries where we invest.

To this end, the EBRD has mobilised resources and fostered global partnerships between the private and the public sectors, international financial institutions (IFIs) and development partners. Through investments, policy dialogue and technical assistance we strive to foster private sector involvement in addressing long-term food security challenge with the view that food production is first and foremost a private sector activity.

Private sector Forum on Food security in the Mediterranean region



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Sustainable agribusiness value chains

We provide technical assistance to increase the sustainability of food production, improve resource efficiency and reduce waste, as well as to encourage producers’ organisations and cooperatives to increase value addition and connect with large food chains. We aim to achieve this through targeted advice on introducing advanced methods in farming, skills transfer to small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as providing opportunities for private sector employment for youth and women.

We also partner with universities and knowledge centres to facilitate the exchange of know-how, spur innovation and improve technologies and business models along agribusiness value chains. We also help to boost the competitiveness of agribusinesses and diversify exports through higher food quality and food safety standards, to assist companies to transition to high-end markets, such as the EU.

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An enabling investment climate for agribusiness

We facilitate dialogue between the public and the private sector in the countries where we invest to improve policy transparency and bring about reforms to increase investor confidence. These platforms also act as key forums where solutions can be developed to improve overall sector growth and support transition in the agribusiness sector.

By strengthening the private sector’s voice in decisions that affect legislation, the EBRD aims to ensure that public sector policies set the right incentives for companies to invest and grow. We also support regulatory reforms and work with partner financial institutions to design and implement innovative pre- and post-harvest financing instruments for agribusinesses, providing them with access to much-needed finance that is typically difficult for agricultural producers to obtain in the market.

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Advisory for local agribusinesses

We provide business advisory to local companies and in particular SMEs, with the aim of improving their corporate governance and financial reporting standards, supply-chain management, quality control, and sales and marketing among others.

We facilitate the introduction of international best practices to companies with growth potential by engaging a network of nearly 2,000 highly-experienced senior executives, industry experts and local consultants, to work directly with the local companies’ management.

This collaborative approach allows the EBRD to deliver sector-specific advisory services, tailored to each company’s individual needs to help them to become strong market players.

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