Trade Facilitation Programme



The programme can guarantee any genuine trade transaction to, from and between the countries of operations.

Guarantees may be used to secure payment of the following instruments issued or guaranteed by participating banks:

  • letters of credit and standby letters of credit from the issuing bank
  • deferred payment and "red-clause" letters of credit
  • advance payment guarantees and bonds, and other payment guarantees
  • bills of exchange and trade-related promissory notes
  • bid and performance bonds and other contract guarantees
  • longer tenors are approved (where appropriate) to cover finance of imported capital equipment and for other term guarantees
  • other types of trade finance instruments can also be considered

Revolving credit facility

In addition to providing trade finance guarantees, we also extend short-term loans to selected banks and factoring companies in our countries of operations.

These are structured to fund trade-related advances to local companies exclusively for the purpose of pre- and post-shipment finance and other financing of working capital necessary for the performance of foreign trade contracts and domestic and international factoring operations.

Credit agreements are signed between the EBRD and the selected banks and factoring companies. Selection criteria are similar to the criteria used for issuing banks.

Factoring transactions

We added factoring to our trade programme in order to further support the transfer of innovative trade finance solutions and know-how to our countries of operations.

Through the programme, we also provide financing for domestic factoring activities, in local currencies in a number of countries.

Case Study

The TFP strengthens the ability of local banks to provide trade financing and gives entrepreneurs in our countries of operations the support they need to expand their import and export trade.

An example of the transition and trade support process promoted by the programme is the export of refrigerators and washing machines from Russia to Tajikistan.

A Tajik bank issued a letter of credit, which was confirmed by a Dutch confirming bank. The EBRD guaranteed up to 100 per cent of the political and commercial payment risk.

Increasingly, banks in our countries of operations are using the TFP as confirming banks rather than only as issuing banks while financing exports to other EBRD countries of operations.


Banks interested in participating in the Trade Facilitation Programme can telephone the TFP team at the EBRD London HQ, or email us.

One Exchange Square

+44 20 7338 6000
Fax: +44 207 338 6119

Importers and exporters should contact an issuing bank.


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