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Maritsa East Mines

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28 Oct 2021


Beli Bryag Community

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Request summary

Six residents of the village of Beli Bryag in Bulgaria submitted a request to IPAM asking for confidentiality. Requesters are supported by CEE Bankwatch, a regional civil society organization, represented by Fidanka Bacheva-McGrath, and Za Zemiata, a local civil society organization, represented by Desislava Stoyanova. Requesters allege that the expansion of the mining activities of the Maritsa East Mines have led to loss of land for the community and economic losses. They allege that EBRD is not fully compliant and is not insuring the compliance of its Clients in relation with the following Projects: Grant to Maritsa East Mines through the Kozloduy International Decommissioning Support FundBEH Bond Issue (48556) and BEH Bond 2018 (50221).

Requesters have expressed their interest for their Request to be considered for a Compliance Review.

Requesters had filed a complaint presenting the same concerns with PCM in 2017 which underwent Problem Solving as Case 2017/09 and was closed in August 2020 with no agreement.





Additional Details

EBRD Project Number  Grant N.54, 48556, 50221
Board Approval Dates

 Kozloduy Grant - 19 Dec 2013, by the Assemby   of   Contributors of the Fund

 BEH Bond Issue - 20 Jul 2016

 BEH Bond 2018 - 20 Jun 2018


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