Gradacac Water Supply Project


South-eastern Europe


Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Gradacac Water Supply Project

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26 Aug 2021


Residents from Gradacac Municipality

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Problem Solving

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Request summary

On 26 August 2021, IPAM received a Request in relation to the EBRD’s project Gradacac Water Supply - OP 45810 from Musa Suljevic, who is also representing a second Requester who asked for confidentiality due to fear of reprisals. The two Requesters are residents of the Gradacac municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina and allege that the renovation of the water distribution system carried out by the municipality of Gradacac has caused actual and potential harm on their land and private property.

Requesters also claim that the works on the water supply network were undertaken without due authorisation from the landowners and that they were not compensated for the damage caused to their property.

Additionally, the Request raises alleged damage and risk of further damage on an underground network of plastic tubes owned by Musa Suljevic through his commercial company Bridistel d.o.o. The underground network is aimed to provide Internet and TV services to the area.

Finally, concerns are expressed around impacts on the roads and traffic safety due to the construction works undertaken on the water supply network.



NOTE: at the request of Parties, IPAM extended the deadline to issue the Assessment Report to 28 February 2022.
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