Corridor Vc in FBH - Part 3 Project Bosnia and Herzegovina


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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Corridor Vc in FBH - Part 3 Project Bosnia and Herzegovina

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06 Jan 2020


Azra Durakovic and Amna Popovac representing residents of Carski Vinogradi, Malo Polje & Kocine



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The requesters, the Community of Royal Vineyards (Carski Vinogradi) Malo Polje, Kocine, allege that the current alignment of the motorway funded under the Corridor Vc in FBH – Part 3 (49058) project will adversely impact the community and the environment. Particularly they claim that the current alignment has disregarded the welfare of refugee returnees, has failed to adequately assess the impact on the region both as regards its fertility and the social and cultural implications. The Requesters allege that no consideration of impacts has taken place and that there has been no transparency nor public participation. They are requesting a compliance review.



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