Shuakhevi HPP


Eastern Europe and the Caucasus



Case name:

Shuakhevi HPP

IPAM case number:


Reception date:

14 Feb 2018


Community members representing 22 households of the Rabati Settlement of Makhalakidze Village

Function requested:

Problem Solving

Confidentiality request:


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Request summary

The Requesters, residents of the Rabati Settlement of Makhalakidze Village Shuakhevi Municipality of Georgia, alleging that the construction of the Shuakhevi HPP (45335) project was generating unsafe conditions for the local population, adversely impacting nature, intensifying landslides and polluting the water. They also allege that the Project had cut access to drinking water. The Request further stats that no geological studies were undertaken and that no risk mitigation measures were considered. The Requested have manifested their interest for both a Problem-solving Initiative and a Compliance Review (CR).

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Stage Status Documents
Registration Registered
Assessment Completed
Problem solving Closed
PS monitoring N/A
Compliance assessment N/A
Compliance review N/A
MAP monitoring N/A