Project Summary Documents – Technical Cooperation

ACTIVE FILTERS: Agribusiness

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Status
11 Nov 2021
15925 Regional TC Programme for Project Preparation on Industry, Commerce and Agribusiness (ICA) Investment Projects Agribusiness Approved
08 Sep 2021
13454 Ukraine Digital Knowledge Management and Skills Transfer in the Private Sector Agribusiness Approved
18 Jun 2021
12330 Regional EBRD-FAO Framework (2019 extension) Agribusiness Approved
18 Jun 2021
9204 Regional EBRD-FAO Framework Agribusiness Approved
18 Jan 2021
7925 Regional Business-matching and knowledge exchange with Taiwanese markets Agribusiness Approved
18 Dec 2020
1414 Ukraine Project Preparation Support Programme for Agribusiness Projects in Ukraine Agribusiness Approved
01 Jun 2020
12587 Regional TC Programme for Urban Regeneration in European Union (EU) Countries of Operation (COOs) Agribusiness Approved
27 Feb 2020
11341 Regional TC Programme for Project Preparation Support of Gender and Economic Inclusion Projects in the Corporate Sector Agribusiness Approved
19 Nov 2019
9204 Serbia Supporting the development of Serbia’s irrigation strategy Agribusiness Approved
12 Sep 2019
74946 Egypt Strengthening compliance with food safety requirements in horticulture value chains Agribusiness Approved

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