Project Summary Documents

ACTIVE FILTERS: West Bank and Gaza

Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Public/Private Status
08 Nov 2021
53133 West Bank and Gaza FIF - WB&G WiB - FATEN Financial institutions Private Passed Final Review, Pending Approval
15 Sep 2021
52733 West Bank and Gaza FIF - Vitas Palestine - SME loan Financial institutions Private Signed
02 Jul 2021
52414 West Bank and Gaza RF - Quds Bank Solidarity Loan Financial institutions Private Disbursing
28 Jul 2020
51670 West Bank and Gaza FIF - Palestine for Credit and Development (FATEN) Loan Financial institutions State Repaying
19 Jun 2020
50992 West Bank and Gaza Bank of Palestine - SME loan, WiB loan, TFP limit Financial institutions Private Disbursing
19 Jun 2020
52155 West Bank and Gaza Resilience Framework - The National Bank (TNB) Financial institutions Private Repaying
27 Sep 2018
50119 West Bank and Gaza Youth employment impact bond Manufacturing and Services Private Disbursing
13 Jun 2018
49594 West Bank and Gaza TNB MSME loan Financial institutions Private Repaying
27 Mar 2018
49942 West Bank and Gaza Medlabs Consultancy Group Manufacturing and Services Private Repaying
17 Jan 2018
49598 West Bank and Gaza Cairo Amman Bank WBG MSME Loan Financial institutions Private Repaying