How to submit a complaint

How to submit a complaint and what to include

In addition to the information provided here, the Sample Complaint Form gives indication of the information you will need to include in your complaint. You are also welcome to contact the PCM Officer for guidance on how to submit a complaint.

Sample complaint form

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You can also submit a complaint via the online form in English, in Russian and in Arabic.

User guide

The PCM User Guide provides a summary of the PCM's functions and further details the process for submitting a complaint.

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Language of complaint

The complaint may be submitted in English, Russian, German, French or in any of the official languages of a country in which the EBRD operates.

Complaints that are not in English will be translated at the expense of the Bank. Processing of complaints that require translation require additional response time.

Authorised representative

You may submit a complaint by yourself, or you may use an authorised representative to submit it on your behalf. If you use a representative, the complaint will need to include a proof that you have given permission to the representative to act on your behalf (for example, this could be a letter that you sign giving the representative such permission).


If you wish the PCM to treat your complaint confidentially, you must make that request in your complaint and provide the reason for the request. If you have requested confidentiality, your identity and contact information will not be disclosed without your permission.

All reasonable efforts will be made to maintain the confidentiality requested. If, however, the PCM Officer reasonably believes that maintaining confidentiality as requested means that the review of the Complaint cannot proceed, the PCM Officer will notify you and will discuss with you how to proceed.

Requirements for registration

In order to start processing your complaint, the PCM Officer will make sure that you have included all of the information needed for the first stage of the PCM process, namely, Registration. The information required for Registration of your complaint is:

a) your name and contact information and, if you have an authorised representative, their contact information. This is required so that the PCM Officer is able to communicate with you; and

b) the name or a description of the EBRD project that you are complaining about.

If you are seeking a Compliance Review, you should also try, if possible, to identify which of the relevant EBRD Policies the Bank has not complied with. This information is helpful and should be included if you have it, but is not required.

Requirements for eligibility

Once registered, your complaint will still be subject to eligibility review. In order to make sure your complaint is eligible, it must also include:

c) a description of the harm that you believe has been caused, or that is likely to be caused, by the EBRD project;

d) in the case of a request for a Problem-solving Initiative, you must also include a description of the good faith efforts made to address the issues in your complaint with the EBRD and/or the corporations or agencies involved in the project.

However, if you believe that making a good faith effort would cause you harm or would be pointless, your complaint may still be eligible; it must state, however, the reasons why you have not made such good faith efforts.

Please note that the purpose of eligibility review is not to decide if the EBRD complied with its policies, but a preliminary process which must be carried out to make a decision on whether your complaint is eligible for further action – Compliance Review and/or Problem-solving Initiative.

If you have any additional information or documentation about the issues raised in your complaint (such as copies of correspondence with the EBRD or project sponsor, maps or reports), please include this information. This information is helpful but not required.