The EBRD and the war on Ukraine

We strongly condemn Russia's invasion of Ukraine. We are horrified by the loss of human lives and the scale of the destruction.

We have committed an initial €2 billion resilience package of measures to help citizens, companies and countries affected by the war on Ukraine.

The Bank has also pledged to do all it can to help with the country’s reconstruction, once conditions allow.

The EBRD Resilience and Livelihoods package

Our Resilience and Livelihoods Framework will help in countries directly affected by inflows of Ukrainian refugees.

The EBRD had previously declared its unwavering support to Ukraine and its people, and condemned the aggression by the Russian Federation and Belarus.

Within Ukraine, the Resilience and Livelihoods Framework will focus on four main elements:

  1. Payment deferrals, debt forbearance and restructuring
  2. Trade finance, including for fuel imports
  3. Emergency liquidity finance, in coordination with partners
  4. Emergency reform support, to support the Ukrainian authorities with immediate legislative and regulatory interventions


In the neighbouring countries taking in refugees, the Framework will concentrate on:

  1. Energy security, including through emergency energy purchases to compensate for loss of imports from Russia and Belarus
  2. Municipal services and livelihoods for displaced persons, with the United Nations saying two million people have now fled Ukraine
  3. Trade finance
  4. Provision of liquidity for small and medium sized enterprises

The Framework could also be extended more widely to cover other countries with particular concerns over energy security.

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EBRD clients and partners during the war on Ukraine

Funding will be made rapidly available to support Ukrainian companies– for example, with deferred loans, liquidity support, and trade finance.

Where possible, businesses will be helped to relocate so their work can continue.

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A better, more hopeful future for Ukraine and our regions

We’ve responded quickly and decisively to the war on Ukraine. Our initial €2 billion Livelihood and Resilience will support the country and neighbouring countries.

EBRD supports Ukraine and the region in the face of war

The EBRD's €2 billion Resilience and Livelihoods Framework will help Ukraine and the countries directly affected by the war.