PPP/concessions sector assessments

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PPP/Concessions Law Assessment 2017/18

To analyse relevant information in each country, the EBRD devised a checklist with lists of questions covering key PPP and concessions issues.

Using the checklist, specific country assessments were carried out with the assistance of consultants. This assessment takes into account laws as they appear on the books, as opposed to the way they work in practice.
EBRD recently undertook its latest Assessment of PPP Laws in 2017/18 the results of which can be found below. Furthermore, the newly designed interactive web tool provides the opportunity to review country results and compare country data.
Read more about this project, the 2017/2018 assessment results, country rating and country-specific comments and observations in the Report on the results of the assessment of Concession Laws.

PPPs /Concessions Law Assessment 2011

The PPPs/concessions sector assessment is part of the EBRD's efforts to improve the legal environment in its countries of operations. As an international institution with the mandate to assist the countries whose economies are in transition, the EBRD views the promotion of sound PPP and concession laws as essential to its work.

These assessments represent an important initiative of the EBRD to better understand legal developments in countries of operations by gauging the status of their PPPs and concessions-related laws and regulations. Through this project, the EBRD aims to encourage, influence and provide guidance to governments, policy makers and all those in charge of promoting new legislation for the development of PPPs and concessions-related legal reform in the region.

In 2011 the subject of the assessment is wider and covers, for the first time, all PPP models as opposed to what has been the subject of earlier EBRD evaluations - Concessions and BOT/DBFO-type models regulation.

Core Principles for a Modern Concession Law (MCL)

Based on its experience and responding to the reform needs of its countries of operations, the EBRD has developed  its own set of core principles of a modern condession law ("MCL"). These principles are based on international standards and best practices and therefore can assist in assessing a country's MCL and in identifying the need for reform. These principles are meant as guidelines only and speak more of the results to be achieved rather than the process by which to achieve them.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this statement, please contact the EBRD’s PPP/concessions specialist, Mr. Alexei Zverev, on +7 495 7871111 or at zvereva@ebrd.com.

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