Environment and climate change

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Why reform is needed

International experience has shown that increased energy efficiency can be a cost-effective way to improve energy security, contribute to economic development and promote national and regional competitiveness.

The EBRD is fully committed to supporting its countries of operations in achieving secure, efficient and affordable energy supplies, while ensuring that environmental and sustainability concerns are fully addressed. We have always financed energy efficiency projects but these activities have dramatically increased in recent years. The EBRD has prioritised improvements in energy efficiency across all of its countries of operations, and actively endeavors to promote the supply-side and demand-side energy efficiency through investments and policy work.

The LTP’s role

The LTP engages with the Bank’s countries of operations to support policy and legal development and strengthen regulatory frameworks, in order to enable and sustain private-sector financing in the energy efficiency sector, and to maximise the effects of relevant investments.

Our engagement includes assisting governments draft strategic policy, legal and regulatory documents that reflect international standards and best practices; carrying out industry-related analysis and drafting national energy efficiency plans for different sectors; supporting the development of primary and secondary legislation that promotes EU energy efficiency standards; and strengthening the capacity of relevant sector regulatory authorities.           
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