Alexander Plekhanov

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Alexander Plekhanov is a Director for Transition Impact and Global Economics at the EBRD Office of the Chief Economist.

He edits EBRD’s annual economic report, the Transition Report, and Regional Economic Prospects. He has worked on global macroeconomic issues as well as a country economist on a number of countries, including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia.

Prior to joining the Bank, Alexander worked as an economist at the International Monetary Fund.


2006 - Ph.D. in Economics, University of Cambridge

Research interests

  • Fiscal policy, fiscal decentralisation
  • Commodity-based development and economic diversification
  • International trade and investment

Recent working papers

Silve, Florent, and Alexander Plekhanov, 2015, “Institutions, Innovation and Growth: Cross-country Evidence”, EBRD Working Paper 177.

Belgibayeva, Adiya, and Alexander Plekhanov, 2015, “Does corruption matter for sources of foreign direct investment?”, EBRD Working Paper 176.

Gelebo, Emil, Alexander Plekhanov and Florent Silve, 2015, “Determinants of frontier innovation and technology adoption: cross-country evidence”, EBRD Working Paper 173.

Koczan, Zsoka, and Alexander Plekhanov, 2013, “How important are non-tariff barriers? Complementarity of infrastructure and institutions of trading partners”, EBRD Working Paper 159.

Selected publications

Isakova, Asel, Zsoka Koczan and Alexander Plekhanov, 2015, “How much do tariffs matter? Evidence from the customs union of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia”, Journal of Economic Policy Reform, forthcoming (also available as EBRD Working Paper 154).

Berglöf, E., Y. Korniyenko, A. Plekhanov and J. Zettelmeyer (2009), Understanding the Crisis in Emerging Europe, Public Policy Review, Vol. 6, No 6, pp. 985–1008 (also available as EBRD WP 109).
Freinkman, L. and A. Plekhanov (2009), Fiscal Decentralization in Rentier Regions: Evidence from Russia, World Development, Vol. 37, No 2, pp. 503–12.
Plekhanov, A. (2007), Endogenous Corruption in a Federation, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, Vol. 7, No 1, Art 20.
Plekhanov, A. and R. Singh (2006), How Should Subnational Borrowing Be Regulated? Some Cross-Country Empirical Evidence, IMF Staff Papers, Vol. 53, No 3, pp. 426–52.

Selected book chapters

Balgova, Maria, Michel Nies and Alexander Plekhanov, 2015, “Rebalancing finance and boosting investment”, Transition Report 2015-16, Chapter 1.

Plekhanov, Alexander, and Helena Schweiger, 2014, “The Many Faces of Innovation”, Transition Report, Chapter 1.
Nikolova, Elena, Alexander Plekhanov, Gerard Roland and Jeromin Zettelmeyer, 2013, “Building better economic institutions”, Transition Report 2013, Chapter 3.
Commander, Simon, Alexander Plekhanov and Jeromin Zettelmeyer, eds., 2012, Diversifying Russia: Harnessing Regional Diversity, London: EBRD.
Guriev, Sergei, Alexander Plekhanov, and Konstantin Sonin, 2012, “Development Based on Commodity Revenues”, in Bertrand Munier, ed., Global Uncertainty and the Volatility of Agricultural Commodity Prices, IOS Press, pp. 75–110 (WP version also available as EBRD Working Paper 108).
Kumar, Manmohan S., Daniel Leigh, and Alexander Plekhanov, 2007, "Fiscal Adjustments: Determinants and Macroeconomic Consequences", in Fiscal Policy: Current Issues and Challenges, Bank of Italy, pp. 247–82
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