The EBRD and the coronavirus pandemic

We are committing all our activity in 2020-21, worth €21 billion, to help our regions counter the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Our shareholders have approved response and recovery measures that will significantly enhance our Solidarity Package.

We are also preparing our countries for the post-virus era.

The EBRD's coronavirus Solidarity Package

Our Resilience Framework provides finance to meet the short-term liquidity and working capital needs of existing clients. 

We will expand financing under our Trade Facilitation Programme.

We will also offer fast track restructuring for distressed clients, while maintaining our high standards of accountability.

We will enhance established frameworks that can reach out  to SMEs and corporates which are not yet our clients

We have also launched a Vital Infrastructure Support Programme to finance working capital, stabilisation, and essential public investment.

More than ever before we will also be providing governments with  high quality, straightforward and usable policy advice. 

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