What We Do

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) invests in changing lives. Through our projects, business services and involvement in high-level policy reform, we're doing more than ever before across three continents.

We now anticipate committing all our activity in 2020/2021 to helping counter the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.


We've announced an emergency coronavirus financing package worth €21 billion.

Services we offer

Financial investment projects are at the heart of what we do.

We also provide business advisory services and promote trade finance and loan syndications.

Where we work

We're active in almost 40 economies across three continents, from the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, to Central and Eastern Europe, to Central Asia.

Strategic and Capital Framework

Our Strategic and Capital Framework sets out our strategic aspirations over a five-year period.

Business sectors we work in

Our operations span a range of industries, from agribusiness to infrastructure to transport.

 We are world leaders in climate finance and plan to be a majority green bank by 2025.

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Other areas of activity

Economic expertise: Our team of economists provide expert regional analysis and forecasts.


Our political engagement: EBRD staff regularly work on policy reform with governments, business leaders and regional officials, helping shape policies and initiatives that create favourable economic conditions and improve lives.

Governance, compliance and values

All our work is subject to strict and clear governance, designed to ensure transparency and good practice whilst taking multiple steps to avoid corruption.

All EBRD projects are evaluated so that we can learn from each and every operation.

Combine harvester in field

The EBRD in action

How EBRD Green Cities change people’s lives

Our Green Cities programme helps cities mitigate pollution and adapt to climate challenges.

Staying in business during the crisis

EBRD client Tagaddod has shown incredible resilience in the face of the Covid-19 crisis.

What’s it like for a woman to launch a start-up in Albania?

We're transforming finance and advisory services for women in the Western Balkans.