Joint EBRD-UNCITRAL workshop on Public Procurement

On 8-10 July 2013, a workshop was organised and hosted by the EBRD UNCITRAL Initiative, a partnership established to improve Public Procurement laws and practices in the EBRD region. To achieve this aim, the EBRD teamed up with UNCITRAL and other partners (the World Bank, ADB, the European Commission, the OSCE and the OECD’s Anti-Corruption Network) to help CIS countries and Mongolia to enhance their procurement regulation.

The workshop was specifically tailored to the needs of three Central Asian governments (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan). It aimed at reviewing and discussing draft legislation on procurement by the Kyrgyz Ministry of Finance. It also served as a platform to discuss procurement reform plans in Tajikistan related to the GPA accession process with relevant government regulatory officials and new reform concepts with a delegation from Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Finance.