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The EBRD is committed to transparency and disclosure in relation to its project activities.  In accordance with the EBRD’s Access to Information Policy, the Bank publishes documents and information relating to its projects, which can be searched here.

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This tool may be used to find any project listed on this website.  Projects can be searched using key project information, including the project’s location, sector of activity, project name or project ID.

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In accordance with paragraph 1.4.8 of Section IV of the Access to Information Directive, from 1 January 2020, the Bank shall disclose Board Reports for State Sector Projects within 30 calendar days after approval of the relevant Project by the Board of Directors. Once published, those documents will appear here.

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There are a number of key document types which contain basic information about the EBRD’s projects, including environmental and social due diligence materials, Board reports, and notices relating to procurement.

The most recently published of these documents appear here, and will show - in real time - the Bank’s disclosure of key project information.

Coronavirus Response

The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant economic disruption in the EBRD’s countries of operations.  To ensure the timely delivery of projects formulated in response to this crisis, our President has approved a deviation from the usual timelines for the disclosure of project-specific information.

The deviation permits deferred disclosure of PSDs for certain projects approved as part of our response to Covid-19 (but excludes category A projects).

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