Pocket Dilemmas podcast

Jonathan Charles and Kerrie Law, presenters of the Pocket Dilemmas EBRD podcast

Jonathan Charles and Kerrie Law, presenters of the Pocket Dilemmas podcast

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It's here! We’ve launched a new podcast called Pocket Dilemmas, dedicated to finding the big answers to the really big questions of our time.  

Presenters Jonathan Charles and Kerrie Law, plus guests, will be debating the dilemmas facing us all as we confront such challenges as the power of algorithms, the future of work and rise and rise of cryptocurrencies.

The season began with a very special live event on Brexit and its impact on the EBRD regions, recorded at our HQ in London on 3rd April 2019.You will be able to download all the episodes via iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher or find them here.

Do email us with your thoughts about the series and ideas for future episodes at dilemmas@ebrd.com

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Episode 8: How to make Chernobyl safe for the future

What are the lessons to be learnt from Chernobyl? How does one decommission a power plant which has been the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident and manage its legacy? The EBRD has been working on making the Chernobyl nuclear power plant safe for over 25 years, as explained in the latest episode of the Pocket Dilemmas podcast. Taking part are: Simon Evans of the EBRD’s Nuclear Safety team and Irina Velichko, a lead engineer at the site who joins us live from the site  

Episode 7: What is the future of poverty?

Earlier this year Bill Gates tweeted an infographic showing ‘how much life has improved over the last two centuries,’ particularly as measured by an apparent decline in extreme poverty. In this episode of Pocket Dilemmas our presenters, Jonathan Charles and Kerrie Law, were joined by our Chief Economist, Sergei Guriev and the Chief Economist of the UK Department for International Development, Rachel Glennerster to discuss the past, present and future of poverty.


Episode 6: Mind the LGBTQI pay gap!

How does sexual orientation affect the pay gap? While we often hear of the gender pay gap, we set about exploring how sexual preferences impact salaries and rights in the workplace and elsewhere. On this episode of Pocket Dilemmas we speak to Kitt Carpenter, Professor of Economics at Vanderbilt University, and Cevat Aksoy, one of our economists, on the LGBTQI pay gap and were surprised by some of the findings from the research.

Episode 5: Megatrends: Is the future already here?

We recorded this episode of Pocket Dilemmas in front of a live audience in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital Sarajevo, host of the EBRD's 2019 Annual Meeting and Business Forum. Our presenters, Jonathan Charles and Kerrie Law, led a discussion of the most pressing challenges of our time - climate change, technology, urbanisation, resource scarcity and global power shifts- with Alexia Latortue, EBRD Managing Director, Corporate Strategy, Sergei Guriev, EBRD Chief Economist, Neil Buckley, Financial Times, Chief Leader writer, Tim Judah, Economist Correspondent for the Western Balkans, and Fellow at IWM - Institute for Human Sciences, and Hemant Kanoria, Chairman and Managing Director of India’s SREI Group. 

Episode 4:Taking the cryptic out of cryptocurrencies

What is the future of money? Are cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin a modern-day miracle or a mirage? We invited our very own Stuart Trow and Zeynep Gurguc from Imperial College London to help us resolve this week’s dilemma on our podcast Pocket Dilemmas. We also talked to Jelena Madir, Chief Counsel and our main blockchain expert, and Urmas Peiker, the founder of Funderbeam, the world's first primary and secondary marketplace for earlystage investments, secured by the blockchain.

Episode 3: Age against the machine and the future of work

What is the future of work? How will technology, automation and AI change our jobs and will we and our children actually have jobs the way we do now? Will, in fact, the future be a battle between us and the machines? We invited Jason Furman from Harvard Kennedy School and our Chief Economist Sergei Guriev as our guests to help us resolve this dilemma.

Episode 2: Should algorithms rule the world? 

Should algorithms rule the world? Maybe they do so already and we just never noticed. Will they in fact do a better job than mere humans? What are the ethical implications of the algorithm use for the policy makers? We invited Jonnie Penn, Google Technology Policy fellow, and Dawn Duhaney, Partnerships Manager at UK Wellcome Trust to be our guests and help us resolve this dilemma.

Episode 1:The Brexit dilemma and its impact on the EBRD regions

The first episode, dedicated to the origins of Brexit and its impact on the EBRD regions (over 30 economies inside and outside the EU), was recorded in front of a live audience at our headquarters at the heart of the City of London on 3rd April and you can now listen to it here. Are there winners and losers? What do people outside the EU think about Brexit? We have all the answers here.

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