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250 years of covered bonds
Map of Europe

EBRD leads effort to create covered bonds market in central and eastern Europe

Investment in innovation in Central Europe

Jurgen Rigterink's speech to Central European Investment Forum, London

Innovation ‘indispensable’ for Central Europe’s economies

A key driver of productivity growth, says EBRD’s Jurgen Rigterink

#EBRDmore: doing more in Central and South Eastern Europe
BRD and partner banks in €73 million syndicated loan for Sunce Koncern

More than €4 billion invested in 18 countries last year

No-deal Brexit could affect value chains in the EBRD regions
Newly published EBRD research finds that a significant proportion of value chains within the 12 EU countries where the Bank operates, and also in Turkey could be affected in an event of an exit of the United Kingdom from the EU with no deal.

Both direct and indirect exports from emerging Europe and Turkey hit

EBRD launches €385 million Slovak Covered Bond Framework
EBRD adopts new strategy for Slovak Republic

New programme to support development of local capital market

Central and Eastern Europe – taking the next step
Central Eastern Europe EBRD Rigterink Euromoney

EBRD First Vice President's speech to Euromoney conference

Covered bonds in Central and Eastern Europe
Pierre Heilbronn's speech to Covered Bonds in Croatia event

Pierre Heilbronn's speech to Covered Bonds in Croatia event

No-deal Brexit would hit south-eastern European economies hardest among EBRD regions

No-deal seen disrupting trade, hitting reform and funding

EBRD boosts covered bond market in Slovak Republic
EBRD supports Slovak Republic’s covered bond law

Bank invests €40 million in instrument issued by Slovenská sporiteľňa