ACTIVE FILTERS: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brčko pledges to join EBRD’s Green Cities

Bosnian city to benefit from bank’s support to address environmental challenges

EBRD and EU provide further support for SMEs in Bosnia and Herzegovina

€5 million loan to Sparkasse Bank under EU-funded SME Competitiveness Support Programme

EBRD and EU step up support for small businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina

€5 million loan to UniCredit Bank a.d. Banja Luka to boost SME competitiveness

Going green with our donors

How the EBRD and its donors promote green innovation

EBRD launches first circular-economy programme

Donor-supported €155 million initiative for Turkey and Western Balkans

Households light up with support of EU, Austria, bilateral donors and EBRD

Joint energy efficiency programme in Western Balkans continues, with €135 million for investments in residential sector

EBRD calls for an increase in rail investment in the Western Balkans

“Opportunity we must not miss” to tackle climate emergency, says Managing Director Parshad

EBRD-financed sections of Corridor Vc receive additional EU grants
Two new tranches for key road project in Bosnia and Herzegovina

€14.6 million to finance the supervision of construction works on five road segments

EBRD, EU and Austria finance energy savings in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Loan of €2 million to ProCredit bank to help homeowners invest in energy-efficient technologies

Changing lives with our #EBRDdonors

To date, we’ve partnered with 85 donors and mobilised over €9bn in donor funds.