EBRD and EU support eco-resort in Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains

By Volker Ahlemeyer

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український переклад

Business and IT improvements prepare TAOR Karpaty for expansion

Nestled in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine, the TAOR Karpaty lodge opened its doors to the public six years ago. Hiking, fishing and many more outdoor activities attract tourists and families seeking to escape their busy lives.

“It’s time to return to nature – that’s our motto here,” explains hotel director Olena Sozanska. “Our concept is to offer a place where people can rest and relax, surrounded by our beautiful environment.”

The four-star resort has 24 double rooms and 20 bungalows. It offers nature adventures, children’s entertainment, corporate events, a pool area and sauna as well as massages, hydrotherapy and other health and medical treatments. For those looking for even more variety, the nearby town of Truskavets is famous for its mineral waters and springs.

Last year alone, the complex welcomed over 15,000 guests.

Preparing for success

Running a resort like TAOR Karpaty can be a challenge. While the guests enjoy impeccably white linen in their rooms and local delicacies on the restaurant menu, everything requires meticulous planning from the team, explains Ms Sozanska: “When our business was growing, we realised that we needed some very specific tools to support us.”

This is when the EBRD stepped in and helped the company find a consultant to develop an automated accounting and reporting system. The advisory programme in Ukraine is funded by the European Union under its EU4Business initiative.

This work allowed the company to improve its reservation system, which now provides it with further details on visitor preferences and generates invoices automatically. The hotel restaurant can keep better track of the meals customers order and its food supplies. The new system also tracks expiry dates and produces automated accounting reports.

It has been a game-changing experience, according to Ms Sozanska.

“We’re now in a position to predict our visitors’ wishes much more accurately and provide a much more personal touch to their holidays.”

It was vital to have all the data consolidated into one system, she adds. This provides the hotel with an immediate overview of its sales, profits, guest preferences and far more, so the team can identify any potential problems quickly and easily.

An engine for local growth

The resort has become a driver for the local economy, with tourists not only visiting the hotel and other facilities, but also exploring the mountains and small towns nearby, going on tours and buying crafts and souvenirs in local shops.

“We practise what we preach here and choose a ‘green’ option whenever possible. About 90 per cent of all products we use are sourced locally – our food, cosmetics, the interior design and much more.”

TAOR Karpaty’s success is set to continue following the recent improvements. With its increasing popularity among Ukrainians, it has recently participated in travel fairs abroad in Poland and elsewhere.

And, to make space for the anticipated new influx, the hotel is planning to build new family cottages, another restaurant, a tennis court and further recreational areas to attract even more visitors to the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains.

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