Thinking about the world in 2018

By EBRD  Press Office

Thinking about the world in 2018

Special ‘live’ edition of our Pocket Economics podcast

A rise in populism and nationalism, geopolitical tensions, possible trade wars and the Fourth Industrial Revolution and automation are only a few of the challenges our world is currently facing. 

The latest episode of our podcast ‘Pocket Economics’, recorded before a live audience at last week’s EBRD 2018 Annual Meeting and Business Forum in Jordan, examines the big issues confronting us all.

The EBRD’s Jonathan Charles discusses what those issues are with the FT’s Neil Buckley and, also from the EBRD, Sergei Guriev, Alexia Latortue and Tarek Osman.

The live audience also had the opportunity to define their mood about the future, whether optimistic, pessimistic or neutral, and ask questions of the panel.

This episode of Pocket Economics is sponsored by Raiffeisen Bank International AG.