EBRD Board Directors visit Montenegro

By Svitlana  Pyrkalo

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Meetings with government and business representatives

Representatives of the EBRD Board of Directors will arrive in Podgorica on Wednesday for a visit to Montenegro. During their stay the Directors will meet Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, Minister of Finance Rasko Konjevic and Minister of Economy Vladimir Kavaric. The delegation will also meet representatives of local banks, business clients, civil society representatives and the international community.

The EBRD Board participants will be:

Heinz Kaufmann, Board Director for for Switzerland, Ukraine, Liechtenstein, Turkmenistan, Serbia, Montenegro and Moldova will be host director. A group of senior Bank management representatives, including the EBRD Director for the Western Balkans, Holger Muent, will accompany Board Directors on this visit, which, besides Podgorica, will also visit Cetinje and some other locations in the country. The EBRD is a leading investor in Montenegro and to date has committed more than €500 million through more than 50 projects to the country. The Bank’s goal is to strengthen the country’s economic resilience and regional integration especially expanding the economy through enhancing competitiveness, supporting sustainable tourism and infrastructure development and promoting energy security and efficiency.

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