EBRD launches latest issue of Law in transition online

By Axel  Reiserer

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Law in Transition online

Legal journal examining “Improving access to informationin public institutions”

The EBRD will present the latest issue of its Law in transition journal in a public event on Friday 11 December 2015, 12.30 GMT, at EBRD Headquarters in London.

If you wish to attend, please contact Oya Osman (osmano@ebrd.com).

The latest issue of the legal publication is dedicated to “Improving access to information in public institutions”. The edition looks at recent initiatives and developments to improve the environment for access to information in Cyprus, Georgia, Moldova and Tajikistan, as well as providing regional and global assessments in that sector.

These materials provide an excellent platform to debate issues of openness and transparency in government institutions and the key role civil society and international organisations play in these developments. Following a foreword by Michael Georg Link, Director of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), articles examine questions such as accessibility of court decisions, the challenges of an open government agenda, the development of public information databases and other aspects.

ODIHR Director Michael Georg Link writes in his foreword: “Access to information should be seen as a fundamental human right: it can assist in combating corruption and enhancing transparency across national and local governments’ communications with their citizens.”

Michel Nussbaumer, EBRD Director, Legal Transition, said: “Many countries where the EBRD operates have passed legislation to make information in public institutions accessible to the people. The main challenge is about raising awareness of these laws among stakeholders, including those controlling the information, so that the rules are applied correctly. In this respect NGOs and civil society in general can play a crucial role.”

As part of its mission the EBRD accompanies its investments with policy dialogue and advisory services. As part of these efforts the Legal Transition team is promoting sound and well-functioning legal systems and contributing to the improvement of the investment climate by helping create an investor-friendly, transparent and predictable legal environment.

More about the EBRD’s programmes to support legal reform can be found here.


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