eSelection for consultants

By Anthony Williams

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Whether they live in Kazakhstan or Kansas, consultants interested in bidding for EBRD contracts can now receive simultaneous notice of new tenders on offer by the Bank through its new eSelection recruitment system.

Experts who subscribe to eSelection now have a single point of entry into the EBRD's consultant procurement system. They can register for e-mail alerts regarding new consulting opportunities in sectors that interest them. They can express interest on-line, submit technical and financial proposals and monitor progress in the selection process on a given tender. These consultants can submit their CVs to the EBRD in anticipation of future projects that might be of interest to them.

"In 2004 the EBRD awarded €66 million in contracts, an increase of 20 per cent over 2003," says Dilek Macit, Head of the Consultancy Services Unit. "Competitive selection process via the web makes the process all the more transparent, accessible and easy for all concerned."

The EBRD hires a very broad range of expertise via consultancy contracts; those of €50,000 (€75,000 with the revised PP&R - May 2009) and above must be awarded through competitive tenders that ensure compliance with the Bank's Procurement Policies and Rules, and are open to all nationalities.

"EBRD staff in our London headquarters and in our offices in the Bank's 27 countries of operation will enjoy the ease and efficiency of using the eSelection system for procurement," says Dilek. "eSelection means online preparation of procurement notices, short-listing, requests for and evaluation of proposals, an automated workflow and email alerts regarding specific tasks. There's no need to courier heavy procurement documents around the world anymore, which in the past was an burden to consultants from some parts of the globe.

"Because anyone anywhere in the world can use eSelection," Dilek continues, "we hope the system will encourage more consultants based in our countries of operation to bid for contracts. It will also make it much easier and more attractive for our offices in the field to be engaged in consultant recruitment and monitoring."

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