EBRD hosts a workshop in Astana to discuss associated petroleum gas flaring utilisation

By Svitlana  Pyrkalo

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Following the successful workshop held in Baku last week, the EBRD continued with a second meeting concerning gas flaring and efforts towards its useful utilisation in Astana on Tuesday, 28 May.

Government representatives, technical and financial representatives from oil companies and the business community had the opportunity to discuss developments in the sector and how to overcome barriers that currently delay the implementation of available solutions.

The workshop in Astana saw the presentation of the results of the study on gas flaring in Kazakhstan, as well as in other countries, such as Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, that was jointly produced by the EBRD and the World Bank and which examined ways to support the development of sustainable business practices in the oil and gas sector in these countries.

“The EBRD is deeply involved in the Gas Flaring Reduction Initiative in its countries of operations. The flaring and venting of gas is not only a climate change hazard, it is also a way to throw away an important resource that could be better utilised to improve economic and social activities,” said Riccardo Puliti, EBRD Managing Director, Energy and Natural Resources.

At the opening ceremony Janet Heckman, EBRD Director for Kazakhstan, said: “We are confident significant results are achievable in Kazakhstan, thanks to the commitments of all stakeholders and pro-active role played by the government and leading companies. The flaring will be one of the major areas of the EBRD support as a part of our new country strategy where the Green Economy is one of the key focal points.”

The next workshop on gas flaring will be held in Moscow on 18 of June 2013.

Under the Global Gas Flaring Partnership, the EBRD and the World Bank are promoting active dialogue and collaboration of all involved stakeholders to secure a more productive, efficient and environmentally-friendly way of production.

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