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Infrastructure client support

Working with and for Clients for wider benefits to infrastructure policy and practice

The EBRD is active in infrastructure policy dialogue to deliver the policy changes necessary to move the sector closer to the market economy and support projects which are not feasible in the current environment.

Policy initiatives also allow clients to finance projects based on advanced market-oriented structures.

To realise the EBRD’s policy initiatives, IPPF’s Policy Dialogue Window specifically aims to deepen policy knowledge and the dissemination of best international practice in the following areas:

  1. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Private Sector Participation (PSP) for the delivery of infrastructure assets and services. This is an area where the EBRD has a leading role in delivering policy advice to stakeholders. The initiative includes all infrastructure sectors and facilities management PPPs as well as the various means of introducing PSP into the development and delivery of infrastructure.
  2. Commercialisation of infrastructure services and achieving financial sustainability. This applies to both the transport and municipal infrastructure sectors and focuses on improvements and commercialisation of services, predominantly in the presence of state ownership.
  3. Market-oriented use of EU funds. This applies largely to EU member states and seeks to boost private sector participation in the delivery of infrastructure services financed with EU funds.

IPPF’s Policy Dialogue Window incorporates a range of activities such as seminars, discussions and participation feedback based on papers.

Use of funds for Policy Dialogue Window

By the end of the second half of 2019, IPPF financed 17 policy seminars (as below) in different locations and several hundred key officials and decision makers of the governments or municipalities, municipal or state-owned infrastructure enterprises and EBRD client companies participated from the EBRD’s countries of operations.

List of the policy seminars





Theme/Seminar purpose


Seminar in Istanbul & London

Policy paper


Facilities Management PPP Infrastructure

Discuss rationale of using private sector and best practice to incorporate the private sector into facilities management (healthcare, school, other public building sectors).
Implementing Facilities Management services through PPPs


Seminar in London

Policy paper


Performance-based Road Maintenance Contract

Performance-based contract induces transition of road maintenance norms from ‘input-based’ to ‘output-based’ but faces challenges in the countries of operations.
Policy Challenges in the Implementation of Performance-based Contracting for Road Maintenance


Seminar in Bucharest


Performance-based contract in water sector

Discuss potential benefits from performance-based contracts and challenges in the Romanian water sector being reformed


Seminar in Bucharest, Almaty

Policy paper


Challenges and opportunities in district heating

Seek methods to achieve full cost recovery in district heating – a sector which requires heavy capital expenditure vs. limited ability of users to fully amortise such costs.
Making district heating happen: pathways to financial sustainability
Реализация проектов централизованного теплоснабжения: пути обеспечения финансовой устойчивости 


Seminar in London

Policy paper


Automated fare collection (AFC) contractual model

AFC systems are planned as a means of improving public transport’s overall efficiency and regulation - Finding the best level of private sector participation in the road sector.
On the move: delivering automated fare collection


Seminar in London


Bus sector reforms

Discuss common issues for optimal urban transportation and legislative challenges of urban bus operations with visit to TfL


Seminar in London


From waste to resources

Discuss principles, preconditions and drivers of an enabling environment for private sector participation (PSP) for sustainable waste management and set steps and actions for PSP realisations   


Seminar in Rotterdam


Role of Inland Waterway Transport

Discuss steps for the market development and mobilisation of private sector investments to achieve the sector modernisation and create a modal shift to sustainable transportation mode.


Seminar in London


The Art of the Possible’

Discuss the appropriate asset management and seek sustainable water infrastructure


Seminar in London


Competitive logistics and port development

Discuss PPPs in the logistics and port sectors and issues in the regulatory frameworks


Seminar in Astana


Commercialising the utilities sector in Kazakhstan

Highlighting challenges and lessons in public utilities and institutional and regulatory environment, tariff reform is recommended as a tool for commercialising the sector.

Commercialising the utilities sector in Kazakhstan


Seminar in Vilnius


Demand side measures in district heating

Seek the way to introduce individual metering in district heating to empower heat consumers to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses with visit to the success case
Making district heating happen: empowering users through fair metering
Повысить эффективность централизованного теплоснабжения: каждому пользователю – справедливый учет


Seminar in London


 Disruptive Technology and Innovation in Transport

Overview of the current state on innovation in transport solutions and opportunities for implementation of disruptive digital technologies across the developing world.
Disruptive technology and innovation in transport


Review and preparation of seminar materials 


Review and analysis of PPP pipelines of Tunisia

As an upstream policy dialogue, IFC and the IPPF helped the Ministry of Development and Investment, and International Cooperation (MDICI) to produce the key materials (List of the PPP pipelines) for the International Forum on Public Private Partnerships in September 2018. The pipelines were reviewed and analysed against international PPP criteria.
High-level global forum on PPPs in Tunisia



Conference in Kiev

September 2018

Infrastructure PPPs in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia - Sectoral Focus

Identify and analyse the political, legal, institutional and market barriers to commercially viable infrastructure PPP projects. The seminar addressed challenges to the creation of a sustainable PPP unit in the governments /agencies.


Seminar in London 2019 - 2020

Going electric – A pathway to zero-emission buses

Переходим на электричество Путь к автобусам с нулевыми выбросами

The policy paper– prepared in partnership with the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and with the support of TIL Consultants - summarises emerging good practice in electric bus - from battery electric to in motion charging trolleybus – and is intended to equip mobility practitioners and decision makers with the needed skills to plan, prepare and procure their electric bus systems.

The paper builds from the policy seminar held at EBRD headquarters in March 2019 Going Electric- Solutions for Urban Bus and Trolleybus Systems, with over 100 participants from across industry, operators, public authorities and funding entities in the e-bus sector, as well as the Public Transport Fleet Renewal workshop, held during the GIZ sponsored Transport and Climate Change week, held in Berlin in March 2020.


17 Seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria Source separation for recycling – moving towards a circular economy in waste management Source separation for recycling – moving towards a circular economy in waste management The seminar aimed to explore how to best promote source separation and increase recycling rates. It also provided the discussion and exchange of the experiences and solution for the institutional and legal setup and contractual arrangements for financing source-separation activities.