The EBRD and gender equality

Gender Tools and Publications

The EBRD has developed tools that can assist in identifying gender impacts and recommend how to mainstream gender into projects.

The following tools have therefore been developed to facilitate addressing gender issues at all project stages, including during environmental and social due diligence, project design, project implementation and as part of continuing operations.

Utilising these tools with a specific gender focus, particularly at the due diligence stage, will assist in identifying potential adverse gender impacts of projects and appropriate mitigation measures as well as in finding opportunities to promote best practice.

The dissemination and use of these tools, in particular at the project design or initial due diligence stage, will help to ensure that projects both effectively address gender impacts as well as promote best practice.

Guidance Notes

This good practice note looks at three inter-related aims of modern human resources management: the promotion of gender equality, family friendly working practices and an appropriate work-life balance

This Guidance Note provides detailed guidance on how gender mainstreaming can be put into practice in the EBRD’s urban rehabilitation and transport projects. The Guidance Note contains specific actions and practical suggestions to integrate gender into these projects.

Gender Matrices

The Bank has developed two gender matrices, which identify gender issues relevant to the Performance Requirements (PRs) of the Bank’s 2008 Environmental and Social Policy.

The matrices are intended to be living documents to be updated when further issues are identified and included. 

Gender Matrix 1 identifies relevant gender issues in relation to each of the EBRD’s ten Performance Requirements (PRs).

It has been developed for the use of the EBRD’s Environment and Sustainability Department, as well as for the Bank’s relevant clients and consultants.

Gender Matrix 2 identifies gender issues at sector level in reference to each of the EBRD’s Performance Requirements (PRs).

It identifies and explores gender issues relevant to the entire range of Bank sectors.

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Gender Tools

Gender studies

Care Economy: research by EBRD and International Centre for Research on Women


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