Environmental and Social Impact Assessments


Date Project ID Location Project Title Sector Public/Private Status
28 Feb 2020
50729 Ukraine Khmelnitsky Solid Waste Project Municipal and environmental infrastructure Public Signed
23 May 2019
50692 Ukraine Dnistrovskiy Wind Project Ukraine Energy Private Cancelled
16 Jul 2018
50215 Ukraine East Renewable Energy Syvash Wind Project Ukraine Energy Private Repaying
12 Oct 2011
42954 Ukraine Lafarge mykolaiv dry line Manufacturing and Services Private Cancelled
12 Aug 2011
40185 Ukraine Pan-European Corridors Transport Public Repaying
04 Aug 2009
40147 Ukraine South Ukraine Transmission Project Power and energy Public Repaying
04 Jun 2007
37598 Ukraine Rivne Kyiv High Voltage Line Project Energy Public Repaying
20 Jul 2006
36625 Ukraine Ekoenergia(Alchevsk Iron&Steel Works Cogeneration Facility) Manufacturing and Services Private Complete
17 Aug 2005
33896 Ukraine Odessa High Voltage Grid Upgrade Power and energy Public Complete