EBRD Literature Prize


EBRD Literature Prize news

The EBRD is pleased to announce the launch of the EBRD Literature Prize 2020.

What is the Prize about?

The Prize will be awarded to the year’s best work of literary fiction translated into English, originally written in any language of the EBRD’s 38 countries of operations and published by a UK publisher.

The Prize recognises the extraordinary cultures, history and creativity in the EBRD regions, which span across central and eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Western Balkans, Turkey, the southern and eastern Mediterranean and northern Africa.

What is the Prize?

The Prize is worth €20,000 and will be equally divided between the winning author and translator.

It not only rewards the writer who brings stories from these countries to life, but just as importantly, acknowledges the vital role that the translator plays in making these stories accessible to English-speaking audiences. 

Two runners-up and their translators will receive a prize of €1,000 each.

All three finalists and their translators will be invited to London to participate in an award ceremony and discussion at EBRD headquarters in April 2020.