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Financial institutions

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23 Jul 2014



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15 May 2014

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Project Description

The EBRD is considering a framework operation for the implementation of the Western Balkans Women in Business Financing Programme (WiB Programme) in Albania, Bosnia and Herzergobina, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia (collectively, the “WB”), which will combine:

(i) WiB Financing (incl. credit enhancement support and technical cooperation) and (ii) WiB Small Business Support.

(i) Under the WiB Financing the Bank will provide dedicated credit lines of up to EUR 20 million in total to Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) in the WB for the purpose of on-lending to women-led micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs), combined with technical cooperation and credit enhancement support for the purpose of improving PFIs’ capacity to deliver financial services to women-led MSMEs.

(ii) Under the WiB Small Business Support the Bank will provide business advice and know-how for women-led MSMEs, as well as new opportunities to access to markets through networking.

The overall objective of the WiB Programme is to promote women’s participation in businesses by assisting women-led MSMEs to access finance and know-how, which is consistentwith the Bank’s Strategic Gender Initiative (SGI) and the Small Business Initiative (SBI).

The TC grant component is funded by the governments of Sweden and Luxemburg and the Non-TC grant component is funded by the EBRD Shareholder’s Special Fund. The total amount of the grant is EUR 6.5 million.

Transition Impact

Transition impact will arise through market expansion which will be achieved by increasing the availability of financing to women-led MSMEs in the WB. Transition impact will also arise through transfer of skills by providing capacity building, product development and marketing outreach support to PFIs as well as demonstration effect as a first regional project in the WB to support women-led MSMEs from both credit supply and demand sides.

The Client

Clients under the project will be several PFIs, mainly commercial banks in the WB, while leasing companies and non-bank microfinance institutions will be also eligible.

The clients will be primarily selected from leading commercial banks with extensive outreach in the MSME sector and commitment to successfully mainstream WiB lending within their banking operations.

EBRD Finance

Up to EUR 20 million.

Project Cost

Up to EUR 20 million.

Environmental Impact

Categorised FI. The PFIs will be required to comply with PRs 2 and 9, implement the EBRD's ES Procedures for Corporate Lending and submit Annual Environmental and Social Reports to the Bank.

Technical Cooperation

The WiB Financing will be supported by a comprehensive technical cooperation programme to provide support to PFIs for capacity building, product development and marketing outreach. The WiB Small Business Support, including business advice and know-how, will be provided to some potential and existing sub-borrowers of the dedicated credit lines offered by the PFIs.

The technical cooperation of the WiB Programme will be jointly funded by the governments of Sweden and Luxemburg.


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