Kazakhstan Capital Restructuring Fund



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Equity funds

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23 Mar 2010



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09 Nov 2009

Project Description

The EBRD is considering establishing the Kazakhstan Capital Restructuring Fund (KCRF) together with Kazyna Capital Management and other potential investors. KCRF will invest in Kazakh Corporates that took on excessive levels of debt but which are otherwise operationally and managerially sound.

The Fund, with total commitments between USD 100 million (EUR 73 million) and USD 180 million (EUR 131.5 million), will take over existing debt and restructure it on sustainable terms, if necessary after the existing lenders have written off part of their existing loans, possibly in return for an equity stake.

The Fund will typically invest USD 9 million (EUR 6.6 million) to USD 18 million (EUR 13.1 million), with a maximum of USD 27 million (EUR 19.7 million) per investment across a range of sectors, with 15% maximum single company exposure and 25% sector exposure.

Transition Impact

The key transition impact will be

1) institution building - the creation in Kazakhstan of a team that has financial restructuring skills that do not exist in Kazakhstan at the moment and which will provide a sustainable alternative to private equity and mezzanine providers in the region;

2) financial intermediation - enabling the further development of a number of companies that are currently constrained by inappropriate balance sheets;

3) knowledge transfer- transfer to Kazakh banks of know how in financial restructuring as the banks should acquire this know how both during the restructuring negotiations and the secondment at any one time of two staff from selected banks;

4) improved corporate governance at the investee company level as strong corporate governance will be a pre-condition for the Fund Manager to guide financially distressed companies back to health; and

5) demonstration effect of a successful financial restructuring which may attract further providers of such specialised financial services into this market.

The Client

ADM Capital will be the Sponsor and Fund Manager. It has extensive experience of working successfully with companies in need of restructuring and initially built on its expertise following the Asian debt crisis at the end of the last century. It will commit 10% of the ADM Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Turkey Recovery Fund (CEECAT) (between € 10 and € 30 million) in which the Bank has also invested (BDS 09-XX).

EBRD Finance

Commitment of USD 49.5 million (EUR 36.2 million) to USD 72 million (EUR 52.6 million to) a Fund of up to USD 180 million (EUR 131.5 million). EBRD’s share will be between 49.5% of a USD 100 million (EUR 73.0 million) Fund and 27.5% of a USD 180 million (EUR 131.5 million) Fund.

Project Cost

Up to USD 180.0 million (EUR 131.5 million).

Environmental Impact

Categorised FI. The Fund Manager is already implementing environmental and social procedures including FMO's Environmental and Social Exclusion List and regular environmental and social reporting to its investors which are in line with PR9 and indicates its adequate environmental and social risk management capacities. For the proposed operation, the Fund procedures need to include the Bank's E & S Referral List as well as conduct its business in accordance with PR9 as well as its HR policy in line with PR2.

Technical Cooperation


Company Contact

Anthony Stalker,
ADM Capital Europe LLP,
22 Upper Brook Street,
London W1K 7PZ

Tel: +44 20 7529 5008
E-mail: nas@admcap.com

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