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Manufacturing and Services

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Approval date:

24 Jul 2007



PSD disclosed:

21 Jun 2007

Project Description

The proposed project will assist in the expansion of private health care management in Hungary’s hospital and hospital pharmacy sector by supporting a leading hospital management company in its development.

Transition Impact

EBRD’s investment in the sector will have a significant transition impact through:

(i) Demonstration effect from participating in the restructuring of the public hospital sector and from increased service quality

  • Hospinvest will restructure and rationalise the network of hospitals under their management, by completing site reorganisation, reducing excessive beds, integrating in-patient and out-patient centres. Refurbishment and modernisation of resulting units are expected.

  • Rationalisation and improved efficiency of hospitals. Hospinvest has built up a professional team that is capable of managing a network of health care institutions. Cost savings are expected from economies of scale, unified systems and advanced data processing and analysis capabilities. Further cost savings are also expected from better organisation of procurement of medical supplies.

(ii) Skills transfer and associated demonstration effects are expected from the introduction of the most advanced treatment and operational methods as a result of the Hospinvest medical board developing and implementing case management protocols and a peer review system. Also, there is likely to be an increase in the level of professional knowledge required by hospitals from service providers (e.g. accounting firms, software developers, management consultants).

(iii) Demonstration effect of the promotion of transparent procedures and the concept of “value for money” in contracting private service providers.

The Client

Hospinvest is a private hospital and hospital pharmacy management company owned by local entrepreneurs. It is currently managing three public hospitals and adjacent out-patient centres as well as seven hospital pharmacies across Hungary.

EBRD Finance

The Bank will invest EUR 4 million in equity along the current shareholders of the Company.

Project Cost

EUR 8 million.

Environmental Impact

Screened C/1 requiring a corporate audit of Hospinvest facilities. Based on environmental due diligence, this project will have limited potential adverse environmental and social impact. Also any impact will be few in number, site-specific, reversible, and easily addressed through agreed mitigation measures. Hospinvest complies with the labour laws of the country and have a corporate occupational health and safety (OHS) policy as well as detailed procedures in place. The hospitals have strict protocols for the management of internationally recognised disinfection and sterilization programmes including new steam sterilization equipments and new gamma sterilization equipment. All waste arising including hazardous waste, infectious waste (waste with a potential content of pathogens or biological agents) and pathological waste (human tissues or fluids) is treated in accordance with best international practice and EU standards.

The Company will be required to comply with national and EU environmental, health, safety and labour standards and requirements and to report regularly to the Bank on these issues.

Technical Cooperation


Company Contact

Mr. Jeno Gaszpor, CEO

Email: Gaszporj@hospinvest.hu


Business opportunities

For business opportunities or procurement, contact the client company.

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Email: procurement@ebrd.com

General enquiries

EBRD project enquiries not related to procurement:
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