Supporting accelerators and early-stage ventures

Through Early-Stage Innovation Facilities, the EBRD invests and works with private equity funds to help promising start-up businesses release their full potential.

Our new Star Venture Programme supports these funds by providing business advice to regional accelerators and start-ups and by facilitating a mix of practical workshops, meetings with international mentors and local consultants as well as potential investors over a period of four years.

Based on over 25 years of experience of advising for small businesses, we believe that the EBRD can play a decisive role in enabling early-stage companies to access know-how and investments which could take their businesses to the next level.

For now, we are piloting the programme in EgyptJordan and the Western Balkans.

The EBRD provides know-how and mentorship.

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Programme model

In order to maximise efficiency of delivery and market impact, the programme support selected accelerators, start-ups, and local consultants for ecosystem building based on the following model:

Start-ups’ profile

We are looking to work with high-potential and innovative enterprises that are less than two years old with less than 1 million turnover which demonstrate potential to scale up.

Accelerators’ profile

The accelerators that we are looking for should be well-established and already have a relationship with local or regional venture capital funds. They should have also a proven track record of supporting start-ups.

Consultants’ profile

To enhance local start-up support ecosystems, we will train local consultants to become mentors for start-ups in the future. These local consultants will be selected based on their performance, achievements and reputation in their local consultancy market.    

Programme impact

This programme is in line with the EBRD’s Economic Inclusion Strategy and especially supports the following key areas:

  • Youth entrepreneurship
  • Gender equality and inclusion
  • Access to skill and training
  • Access to finance

Countries where we work

We are currently piloting our Star Venture programme in Egypt and Jordan where it is funded by the European Union and South Korea as well as in the Western Balkans where it is funded by Luxembourg.