Czech Republic: EBRD shareholder profile

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City in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a member of the EBRD with a 0.85 per cent share.  Since 2008 the EBRD has not made any new investments in the Czech Republic, but still manages a portfolio in the country. 

The country became a donor to the Bank in 2006 and has contributed a total of €22.1 million in donor funds to date.

Czech Republic and the EBRD: at a glance
€22.1m donor funds supporting EBRD operations
0.85% capital share
€1.2bn Czech Republic-EBRD investments

In 2007 the Czech Official Development Assistance (ODA) Technical Cooperation (TC) Fund was established to fund TC assignments in all sectors of the EBRD’s portfolio in ODA countries.  By the end of 2019, funds amounting to €15.2 million had been allocated to projects in a range of sectors, namely water and wastewater management, energy efficiency and transport.  

Geographically, the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership countries are the two priority regions and, in this context, the Czech Republic participates in the activities of the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF).

In 2013, the Czech Republic extended its cooperation further by becoming a contributor to the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership Fund (E5P). Since 1991 EBRD invested €1.22 billion in the Czech Republic in 109 projects of total project value over €5.2 billion. Current portfolio represents €76 million in 19 projects (includes regional allocations of regional projects).

Czech banks are also involved in the Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP), through which the EBRD guarantees the payment of trade finance instruments issued by banks in the EBRD’s countries of operations to foreign confirming banks. Through the Programme, the EBRD has financed export and import transactions of Czech companies. There are 10 confirming banks from the Czech Republic participating in TFP.

In 2019, Czech consultants won 25 consultancy contracts totalling over €247.5 million.


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