Senior leadership group

Gavin Anderson

Executive Counsellor, Banking

Alistair Clark

Managing Director, Environment and Sustainability Department

Joseph B. Eichenberger

Chief Evaluator

Hassan El Khatib

Managing Director, Equity

Janet Heckman

Managing Director, Southern and Eastern Mediterranean (SEMED)

Natalia Khanjenkova

Managing Director for Central Asia and Russia

Francis Malige

Managing Director, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus

Jean-Patrick Marquet

Managing Director, Infrastructure

Axel van Nederveen


Nandita Parshad

Managing Director, Energy & Natural Resources

Jean-Marc Peterschmitt

Managing Director, Industry, Commerce & Agribusiness and Chief Operating Officer for Client Services Group

Stephen Petri

Deputy General Counsel

Mattia Romani

Managing Director for Country and Sector Economics

Lisa Rosen

Chief Compliance Officer

Alan Rousso

Managing Director, External Relations and Partnerships

Charlotte Ruhe

Managing Director, Central and South Eastern Europe

Norbert Seiler

Deputy General Counsel

Paulo Sousa

Managing Director, Financial Strategy and Business Planning

Josué Tanaka

Managing Director, Operational Strategy and Planning, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change

Arvid Tuerkner

Managing Director, Turkey

Claudio Viezzoli

Managing Director, SME Finance